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Tuition & Fees

Rocky Mountain College is an affordable option for a world-class education. Our faculty and facilities will prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

Students enrolled in the traditional undergraduate programs at Rocky Mountain College, and who are not majoring in aeronautical science or equestrian studies can budget for the following direct costs. Room and meal plan costs will vary depending on your meal plan and room selections.

Families may also want to budget for other personal costs, such as clothes, entertainment, travel to and from home, etc. The RMC Financial Aid Office budgets $5,400 per year for personal expenses for each student; however, a student may spend more or less, depending on the student's lifestyle.

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

Direct Costs Fall Spring Year
Full-Time Tuition & Fees (12-19 credits) $16,626 $16,626 $33,252
Room* $2,340 $2,340 $4,680
Board* $2,448 $2,448 $4,896
Total Direct Costs $21,414 $21,414 $42,828
Other Cost Considerations**      
Fee over 19 credits and under 12 credits $1,345 per credit    
Books and Supplies $700 $700 $1,400
Personal Living Expenses $2,000 $2,000 $4,000
Total Cost of Attendance $24,114 $24,114 $48,228

* Room and Board is based upon the cost of a Widenhouse double room and the Carte Blanche Meal Plan. For other housing options and prices, visit Residence Halls and Prices.

** Allowances are not directly billed to the student; however, families still need to financially plan for these expenses. The allowance amounts included in the cost of attendance budget reflect the average costs for book & supplies, personal expenses and transportation. Actual amounts will vary by student.

For those students in specialized programs, please click on one of the following PDF documents for a more detailed cost of attendance. 

Follow the links below to learn more about the affordability of Rocky Mountain College.